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Four Star Hotels in Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Southern Africa - Essential Travel Info

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Guest House Full Service

Assegaaibosch Country Lodge

Guest House Full Service, 13 Rooms
Kareedouw, Kouga, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Four Star Hotels

Assegaaibosch Country Lodge offers an irresistible package for any family holiday, romantic break, corporate getaway, wedding or function. Situated 75min from Port Elizabeth on the R62, the lodge is located near the southern gateway to the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, a world heritage site. The facilities include 2 restaurants, a quaint stone chapel, large modern conference room, a multi-purpose functions rooms, sports bar, ladies' lounge, cozy pub, sparkling pool, tennis court, playroom and more. Whether you're in need of relaxation or adventure, time spent at the Assegaaibosch Country Lodge is an investment in wonderful memories. Read More...

1 Results found, Page 1 of 1