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Badplaas, Grass and Wetlands, Mpumalanga, South Africa, Southern Africa

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Forever Resorts Rex's Ranch

Self-Catering Cottages/Chalets

Recommended Self-Catering Cottages/Chalets
Forever Resorts Rex's Ranch in Mpumalanga provides 161 Selfcatering units, 37 Hotel rooms and Conference facilities
The modern Hydro offers 1, 3 and 5-day health and beauty treatments while the game reserve is habitat to white rhino and a variety of antelope.
This hotel and self-catering resort offers a variety of facilities on-site such as The Hydro Spa, supermarket, restaurant, hotel dining room, hydro coffee shop and a bikini bar.
Award winning Forever Resorts Badplaas has a superb Hydro Spa set in a game reserve in warm Mpumalanga. The Resort has 37 hotel rooms but is primarily self-catering with almost 150 log cabins and chalets, and nearly 300 caravan and camping stands. A wide range of leisure activities is available.

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